“Admission to SisterHood Day >Day #5″

Sister’s……Oh I miss you so…..

I gotta be honest with ya about somethin’,

I believe this is the best example of my appearance this week……

Now…… don’t laugh, because truly this picture below really coulda’ been a “Selfy”.

frazzled woman cartoon



I’m Just Sayin……..Whooo-Weeee It has been one heck of a week!

I needed so badly to humble myself and come before y’all and admit, I could not get a lesson together for “SisterHood Wednesday” today. I tried Sister’s I really did, but between picking-up a few extra pieces of the puzzle this week as The Hunter is away…..


This is what I look like Sister’s for Real!

Sister’s, I just had nothin’ left to give.

I do promise you this…..I will make it up to you, I promise and solemnly swear, I will Sister’s, because I truly miss our time together!

I hope y’all are having a good week! (and make sure not to get behind on the laundry or you might look like this, Just Sayin)

Love Y’all,

The Lady :-)


  1. estellebeer says:

    Sooo, welcome to LIFE!!! It is just how it is sometimes….no need to fret or worry!!! We all have been there and UNDERSTAND completely!! It is just what HAPPENS!!! Sending you and the whole family TONS OF LOVE.

  2. Kathy Morgan says:

    Don’t worry, sweetheart, some days (or weeks) are like that. We can only do so much. There is always next week. My love to you!!!

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