“A Walk into SisterHood Day #4″


Hi Sister’s……Happy “SisterHood” Wednesday!

I just couldn’t help but think, …that…maybe just,..maybe these Sister’s are “Sharing Their Gifts” just like we are about to talk about today…


Today, We are looking through “Women using Their Gifts…To Share The Gift”

by Esther Burroughs…..Women Reaching Women by Lifeway….See Link Below.


James 1:17 says,   “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”


Esther points out that this is very good news in our world today, It’s changing time’s Sisters, but the Giver of the gift never changes.


Whew…I Love this, I do not, and I mean to tell ya, do not respond as good to change as I probably should, however…It is such a comfort for me knowing, God never changes, He is the same now and forever…

Here’s the beauty of it all Sister’s,


“God’s gifts are based solely on His unchanging, gift giving love.” Emphasis mine. (Quoted by Esther)


Sister’s I underline these few points because I think they are so important to ponder.


Sister’s we are not given these gifts because of something we have done or not done, we are given these gifts because of the Father’s Unchanging Love for us alone. Just like the scripture we looked at here today, “Every good and perfect gift is from above.”


Sister’s our Spiritual Gift’s that are freely given to us from the Heavenly Father above, are the most beautiful of all gift’s we will ever receive.


We are all made in the Image of God and are created with a purpose.


Ok Sister’s ……If I could whistle on paper, I would do it right here…… Whewwwww….Phewwwwww…(It was loud Sister’s) I had to look that one up! lol…..anyways, I’m pretty sure I got all y’all’s attention.


Just as I typed the above line, you know the one before the whistle, that with a “purpose part” struck such a chord in me like no other, I thought it might be a great time to share something from my own experience,  just Sista to Sista.


I went through such an absolute struggle with the whole “purpose” thing. You know after the Girls were spreading their wings and flew the coop,……I got a little (a lot) lost, you might say… all of a sudden, I felt like I had no real purpose anymore. Just left me sorta empty and I struggled terribly with this…..


until…….I learned that


My idea of my “purpose” was very different from the “God Created Purpose.”


Now I realize Sister’s that:


God put me here on complete purpose.

It was not by accident.

He purposely asked me to go through different seasons of life and learn from them.

He did not create me to only have a “purpose” as long as I had children to raise.

He has a purpose for me for the rest of my life.

As I learn to hear the Lord, before I knew it,

I was filled again with such “great purpose.”

Our Purpose here is to Love, Forgive, Help each Other and Share the Gifts.


and today, I believe “that” is the purpose for my Life, Family and most Importantly the Lord.


This Sister’s is more that enough for me.


Thank You so much for allowing me to share that Sister’s, I couldn’t help myself, I hope my whistle didn’t hurt your ears! :-)


I always wanted to have a Sister….I was blessed to have three fantastic Brothers, but I always dreamed of having a Sister too.


I think if I did have a Sister, (which I always dreamed of)….Well, this may have been what we woulda looked like…….

I always dreamed of having a Sissy…….


Well Sister’s I just wanna say, we only touched on this chapter today because I just got so busy ramblin’ on  to y’all….


I think Sister’s we are gonna spend a few days pondering this chapter….cause there’s so much to think about and learn from Esther.


Love Y’all


The Lady :-)

Thoughts and Blessings from

Women Reaching Women by Lifeway






  1. Kathy Morgan says:

    Once again….loved this. Here we are “sister’s” in spirit. I have ALWAYS known I was put on this earth, not just to take up space; but, to “teach”. You prove this to me each and every post!!!! I advised youth for many years doing youth group work for confirmation classes for my church; then I walked the journey with a number of friends dying of cancer. I know I have always tried to walk my talk. The last couple of years; somehow if felt “lost”. But your posts and your walk have made me “connect” one more time. GOD does have a plan for all of us. Sometimes, it is just to GO ON…. and to be an example. I pray I have been that to all those I love. And, my dear girl, I love you and am extremely proud of you and your journey. You have lead me in a new direction. Send many, many hugs.

    • Sheri says:

      Aunt Kath,

      This message touched my heart like words just cannot describe! This is my exact prayer for SisterHood. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and Love.

      I Love You !


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