“Oh…For the Love of GoldFish!”

Happy Saturday Y’all…..

I Love,Love,Love me a Saturday Mornin’

Little Coffee, Little Dog Lovin, just being a bit Lazy….and it feels good!!

I don’t know if I have ever really had any dialog about BabyGirl…aka (Cassie), which has not in someway, somehow included Goldfish crackers. I almost don’t know how to share her/without them!!

Well, funniest thing…..Wed, she call’s me on the phone,… Well, I guess you might have figured if she was calling, it was probably by phone, ….anyways, she say’s Mom I am so excited, I just got home from Safeway, I went to buy some Halloween Candy and you will never guess what I found!

Mom, I just CANNOT believe they did not have these when I was trick-or-treatin’

and then, she sends me this:


Yep,….Bomp…….”thare it is”…..That is BabyGirl, in ALL of her Glory!!!

This just make’s my heart sing, Sister’s, because ya know, it just plain feels good when a few things, well…..stay the same.

We laughed and concluded our catching up,…….lo and behold, about 10 minutes has passed……I get a message….

Mom, Taylor (Hubby)….said, If I give those out, the kid’s are gonna come back and TP our house!!!

ohhhh, much to her she’ grin, I could not stop myself from laughing…

What she did not know is that, after the above said picture came into my phone, I share it with The Hunter, and his response was…..That’s almost like giving a kid a toothbrush!!!

Blahahahahah…..by this time y’all, I’m just dying!

5 more minute’s goes by………

another message……..

Mom,……I just know their are some more little kid’s out there, who absolutely live for Goldfish and Skittles…..I just know it, Mom….after all, It’s not like I’m givin’ em a toothbrush or somethin’……….

Oh, Sister’s….Im still laughing inside!!!

Have a Great Day!

Love Y’all,

The Lady




  1. Hi Sheri, visiting from blogs by Christian Women. Goldfish doesn’t sound as bad as a toothbrush.

    • Sheri says:

      Thank You so much for stopping by the blog….I think goldfish is much better than a toothbrush too!! Lol,Thank You again!

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