“Some Rib-Stickin”

Here we are again on Tuesday…..Can’t seem to get the Monday,Monday,Monday thing under my belt yet……ahhh well, there’s still time.

The Hunter and I had a good weekend.

Busy-ness all around tho…. Tryin to get The Hunter ready…to ya know, go Huntin and all.

He does most of the work, but I do most of the asking the questions. We women, we just need to ask some questions y’all. I need some good answers, so I can help prepare. However, the Hunter is much more worried about the…ya know, Huntin’ stuff….than he is about what he’s gonna eat.

So I just started thinkin’ about preparing things, that I know will, stick to the ribs let’s say…

Cut up 10lbs of Potatoes,seasoned with olive oil, red onions, and spices….a regular dump and fry situation…..that will stick to some ribs, I know.

Then made a gorganchous Pot of Chili, that could in fact last them for most of their trip…..These hunters will be tired of this before it’s gone, but It will stick to em’.

Tomorrows task is a heapin’ helpin’ of Jambalaya all prepared, so they can throw it amongst a pot of boiling water ….and shazammmm….more rib stickin’.

Now, the one thing ya don’t have to worry about when you send a bunch on Manly Hunters away is MEAT!!! They will not forget the meat. You do not worry about the Meat. They have got the meat. That is why us wives need to prepare some side dishes, so they do not just eat Meat.

Well, I will probably have a whole new set of questions when I’m done with the Jambalaya, so I will be sure and keep you posted.

That’s what goin on here Sisters….

Hope you are having a good start to the week!


The Lady :-)





  1. estellebeer says:

    Sheri, you have me laughing all thru out this. Sounds soooo familiar; just what we do, isn’t it?? Love you, honey.

    • Sheri says:

      Thank you Aunt Stel for being one of my head CheerLeaders! I love both you and Aunt Kath so much…you both mean the world to me! All My Love,

      P.S. Kiss Uncle Milt for Me :-)

  2. Kathy Morgan says:

    I so enjoyed this post. You have such a talent of writing in such a way as to let me visualize all that is going on. I feel like I am right there with you. Like Auntie ‘Stel, I was laughing all the time I was reading. Tell The Hunter to have a great (and successful) hunting trip. Love you both!!!

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