“Who..I Ask, Who.. Is Gonna Do The Laundry?”

As you know, I been tryin’ to help the Hunter get ready to,…..you know, go Huntin’.

I still do not have all the answer’s Sister’s…

What I do know, is they now have a Heapin’ Helpin’ of Jambalaya, which turned out so yummy.


Now,……If that don’t stick to some ribs, Sister’s……I don’t know what will!

As I’ve been pondering some more question’s for The Hunter…(even though I’m still awaiting answer’s from the first set).

Each time one of us goes away, there is a few piece’s of the puzzle that need’s picked up by the other…..Since we own and operate two family business’s, we gotta keep all the piece’s together.

Sometime’s, this constitutes doing a few things aside from our normal routine. I remember a few years back, we had a job going for one of our larger construction firms with a very crucial deadline…..ahem, All of this right before The Hunter…..Well, goes to the woods.

Well, long story short, I had to go out to a few job site’s for estimates and measuring.

I will never forget, The job super-Intendant call’s me the evening before the measure and tell’s me I am going to need to climb an extension ladder, and climb through the bathroom window, as they were finishing the floors, it was the only way in…….Ohhhh Sister’s, this was not a good night for me.

Not only am I scared of heights, but I could also just imagine me and my measuring tape fla-i-ling right into the bathroom floor on my head, on my head Sister’s….It would not have been a pretty site, and let me tell ya, not one of my finer moment’s.

Well Sister’s, after a night of worry and about 1/2 box of Alka-Seltzer, I got to the job the next morning, and they snuck me in across those floors with no window climbing…(Sister’s I was gonna tackle that ladder tho, believe you me! I was ready) Job turned out beautiful and we met our deadline.

This year Sister’s, I probably won’t need much alka-seltzer because we are so very blessed with such an amazing team….We are so so blessed. This will make it much easier on the Hunter too……(The last thing he need’s is to worry about me on my head in a bathroom somewhere…..Just Sayin’).

So that’s one piece of the puzzle….Solved!

Next, Sister’s is a biggie…….

Deep Breath….and a Healthy ..YOU CAN DO IT!!

ok, I gotta be at the office by 8am. Sister’s, I know this is probably normal for many of you but, not for me…I’m maybe a teeny-tiny bit spoiled in this department (admission#1) Sister’s…..I don’t usually go in to the office till around 9:30ish……This is 1 1/2 Hours we are talkin’ about here!!…(I’ve got lots to pray about Sister’s, and our prayer’s… well, sometime’s they just take time!)

….and I will go at 8am everyday with a smile on my face because….I LOVE THE HUNTER THIS MUCH !!!

Ok….Only one more piece to think about…..


#2 Spoiled admission…….Sister’s, ahem……The Hunter does all the Laundry!

We have a sign in our house in the Laundry area…..


Sister’s I just want to point out……The Hunter is a fantastic launder’er…The Danger really lays here……

photo-4 2


This Sister’s is really what we need to be concerned about here, because this is the piece I have not got right with yet !!

The Hunter may have a pile-up when he returns…..I Love you my Husband!!!

Hope all is well with you !!

Love Y’all,

The Lady :-)








  1. Kathy Morgan says:

    OMG, you always make me either laugh or think!!! Tonight you just made me laugh. I love you BOTH with ALL MY HEART!!! Don’t worry, everything will be alright…

  2. estellebeer says:

    I’m right along with Kath…sometimes your posts make me ponder some really profound (or many not too profound) issues…tonight I’m still a’laughing just picturing it all. Love you, Sheri (and Jeff too). HUGS!!!

  3. estellebeer says:

    Opps… that should read: “(or maybe not too profound). The ole brain and the fingers don’t always work in unison!!!!

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